President Lazio Angry Juventus: Far away from Inzagge and 1 Midfield King
Time: 2019-05-23 17:27 | Author: Football Emperor | Source: Network


Where is Milinkovic\’s next stop?

After separating from the meritorious coach Allegri, Juventus, Cristiano Ronaldo, will start their reconstruction path this summer. For the Zebra Legion, the priority is to determine the next season as soon as possible next season. Candidates of the head coach revealed that according to the previous Italian media and British media, Sarri, Pochettino, Small Edagi and even Guardiola are the alternatives of Juventus\’s new coach.

小因扎吉自从上任拉齐奥之后,拉齐奥主席怒怼尤文 3年来带领蓝鹰军团成绩突出,这也使得他成为了当下炙手可热的年轻教练之一,面对尤文图斯的挖角,拉齐奥主席洛Tito warned: \”Inzagh represents the history of our club, and he still has huge coaching potential. He was in our team when he was still players. At that time Become our head coach. \”

At the same time, Lotito also said that he would not sell the core of the midfielder in the team Sergei-Milinkovic-Savich:\” Milin Cavic is the gem of our club\’s crown! \”

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