Broker: Laotaro\’s termination fund is 111 million
Time: 2018-03-22 02:39 | Author: Football Emperor | Source: Network

Laotaro Martinez\’s agent said in an interview that there will be a termination clause worth 11.1 billion euros in the contract of their customers and Inter Milan.

\”Laota Luo\’s centers in Inter will 111 million euros, and Inter will create a team around him. \”The Argentine star Beto Jacques said in an interview with Radio de Linea, Argentina.

\”How to decide on Inter Milan said to us. The head coach of the team wants to play the double forward, Laotaro is one of them.\”

\”We and Inter Milan I have fully talked about it. \”

\” Dortmund? We know their interest in Laotaro, we also met with their representatives a few months ago. \”

\”如今他们再次追逐劳塔罗让我们有些意外,因为之前他们去过阿根廷,并要求我们等待他们的消息,不过当时我就警告过他们,很多球队想要劳塔罗,其中就包括国米,而Inter also defeated other teams in the end. \”

\” This is not a matter of money. Laotaro chose Inter because of competitiveness. Inter Milan valued him very much and regarded him as a very important thing. It was very important.的引援。”


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